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Fitpad Fitness specializes in high quality wearable sports gear. We are a new brand that not only offers high quality abs & body pads, but can also guarantee to beat the prices of brands such as MTG Sixpad & Slendertone whilst also remaining the best in the industry for quality. Don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on big name brands, when you can purchase the Fitpad which proves to be better!

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The Fitpad & Armpad Gel Pads

The gel pads we provide are of the highest quality meaning the durability of our sticky pads are much better than other brands. The life-span of one set of gel pads is around 30 days (depending on use). We offer two different sets of gel pads. The 6pcs gel pad set is used for The Fitpad and can be easily applied by removing each gel pad from its packaging and delicately placing them onto each marked area on the back of the Fitpad. The second set of 2pcs is used for the Armpad & can be applied in exactly the same fashion.

Make sure when removing the gel pads from their packaging that you have clean hands and be sure not to drop any of the pads onto the floor as dirt and dust can effect the performance, conductivity and durability of the the pads. 


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