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Exercise has never been so easy. With our amazing wearable EMS technology Fitpads, you can literally exercise anywhere at anytime. Wear the Fitpad whilst doing work, around the house, when travelling and even just sitting down! Fitpad's slim design means it can be worn unobtrusively under clothing without any restriction of movement. 

  1. Place gel pads on designated areas on the back of Fitpad or Armpad.
  2. Attach the Fitpad & Armpads (Fitpad in line with your abdominal muscles & Armpads either on bicep/tricep muscle or leg or back muscles).
  3. Select the setting for which you want the Fitpad or Armpad to perform at.
  4. Let the toning begin!
  5. For optimal results try using your Fitpad 3 times a day for 20 minutes 4 times a week. Maintain a balanced & nutritional diet and always partake in aerobic activity.

Please follow our blog for some amazing tips on how to get the best out of your fitpad. We have some very talented personal trainers on our team that will be posting to our blog about nutritional plans and workouts with the Fitpad.



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