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FitpadFitness based in the UK, specializes in unique wearable sports gear. We are a new brand that not only offers high quality abs & body pads, but can also guarantee to beat the prices of brands such as MTG Sixpad® whilst also remaining the best in the industry for quality. The FitpadFitness body equipment performs like no other and provides a perfectly unique & awesome abs and body workout! 

Our amazing wearable body equipment adopts the use of EMS technology. Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been found to have had very effective results in terms of defining, toning & helping to sculpt muscles. The Fitpad offers a unique workout & exercise experience and can be used anywhere at anytime! We are proud of our Fitpad and the results it achieves with our existing customers. 

we feel brands such as MTG Sixpad® prices they expect customers to pay are far beyond affordable & this is another reason we feel we need to offer a high quality, affordable option like the Fitpad. 




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