Ems Machine

Muscle stimulation trains your muscle fibers to bring energy anaerobically and promotes a lot of force that can help you increase strength, which can last up to a minute.  You can warm-up your muscles faster with muscle stimulation.  Instead of depending on your normal regime of 10-20 minutes of warm-up time, you can do it in minutes. 

The shape of your muscles will change easily because your muscle fibres increase quickly.  Muscle stimulators run on the power of batteries and/or electricity.  Many use a 9-volt battery – make sure you have spares.  

When EMS is utilized in sub-tetanic frequency, the pulsation acts like a massage, meaning no contractions but rather electric massaging, increasing blood flow, releasing endorphin, causing muscle relaxation and helping to breakdown adhesion between fibres.

Muscle re-education through electrical muscle stimulation is used in the early stages of physical rehabilitation following an injury that has either left certain muscles unused for a long period of time, or that has affected the brain.  

Muscle growth occurs through the tearing of muscle fibres.  When the body repairs those muscles, they grow.  Some muscle stimulators come with pre-programmed therapy plans.  These therapy programs offer a great way to handle certain treatment situations with minimal effort on your part. 

Each muscle group is stimulated maximally for ten reps of ten seconds duration with a fifty second rest period between contractions.  It's critical to maintain the rest periods as prescribed as this is the absolute minimum recovery time needed to maintain a maximal contraction on the next rep.

TENS/EMS Machine units are often used by physical therapists and athletic trainers to assist athletes in the speedy recovery of muscle injury or fatigue.  Also, muscle stimulators prevent muscle atrophy and even can reverse damage.  If your muscles ache or burn, you typically limit your motion.

With a muscle stimulator, fast recovery is easy even for if you suffer from tissue injuries.  In fact, it works more rapidly than physical therapy, which can cost thousands of dollars, through safe electrical pulses.

Ems Machine

 Numerous studies have shown significant strength gains with EMS.  Using an EMS unit for 10 minutes three times a week for three weeks, sprinters gained 52% in strength.  The EMS machine has gained popularity, lately, because of its power and potential to sever the host, as a strengthening tool.  The machine functions as the rehabilitation and preventive tool for totally or partially immobilized patients.

It’s important to select the correct ems machine as many ems devices are cheaply made and result in poor performance. Fitpad Fitness only stock the best Ems devices. Take a look at our wonderful range of Electronic muscle stimulators for amazing prices!

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