pull up & dip station power tower

A  power tower  is an  exercise machine  that allows you to build your abdominal and upper body strength while using your own weight as leverage. Power towers are built with an overhead bar and grip handles so that you can perform different movements that work out the accompanying muscle groups. There are several exercises you can do with a power tower, including overhand and underhand grip pull-ups, knee raises, chin-ups, dips, and deep push-ups. In addition to working on your muscle strength, power towers are also used to increase endurance,  work on core body strength , and focus more intensely on targeted muscle groups.

The Fitpad Fitness Pull up & Dip Station guarantees the highest quality and the best value for money. Push, pull and lift your body to perfection with the Power Tower. The Vertical Knee Raise Station will help you add definition to your abs. The Push-Up Station has padded hand grips so you can stay comfortable while you work on your biceps. The Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station will help you build better, stronger arms and the Dip Station will work on your triceps, chest and shoulders for incredible upper-body strength. It can be dismantled and reassembled with ease and is the perfect addition to any home, taking up minimal space.

pull up & dip station power tower

Main Features:

  • Multifunction Gym Tower - Target Abs, Arms, Back & Core Muscles.
  • Ideal for Vertical Knee & Leg Raises.
  • Pull Up Bar with Standard & Wide Grips.
  • Push Up Bars
  • Adjustable Sit Up Bar - Achieve a Comfortable Angle for Your Feet
  • Back Rest & Arm Pads
  • Manufactured from Thick High Density Foam with Reinforced Vinyl Padding
  • Strong Design - 250kg Max Load
  • Thick Steel Frame Tubing
  • Non Slip Protective Rubber Feet
  • High Quality, Heat Treated Finish
  • Easy Assembly

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