Ems ABS Trainer Machine device
An EMS machine uses a cycle of stimulation, contraction and relaxation so as to extend blood flow to the area, so decreasing inflammation and permitting the muscle to grow and heal. Muscle contractions via an EMS unit therefore cause contractions just like those obtained by exercise.


''Strength training by EMS does promote neural and muscular adaptations that are complementary to the well-known effects of voluntary resistance training". This statement is part of the editorial summary of a 2010 world congress of researchers on the subject. Additional studies on practical applications, which came after that congress, pointed out important factors that make the difference between effective and ineffective EMS. 

Also, as published by reputable universities, EMS causes adaptation, i.e. training, of muscle fibers.Because of the characteristics of skeletal muscle fibers, different types of fibers can be activated to differing degrees by different types of EMS, and the modifications induced depend on the pattern of EMS activity. These patterns, referred to as protocols or programs, will cause a different response from contraction of different fiber types. Some programs will improve fatigue resistance, i.e. endurance, others will increase force production.

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